Information regarding user account at UP

Users log in to the centrally managed UP information systems using their login name (PortalID) and password. *) These authentication information are valid throughout the whole period during which the user has a relation with UP, i.e. as a student, employee or life-long studies attendee etc.

Login information are valid for 180 calendar days after the relation with UP is terminated (so-called retention period). The account is blocked after this period. The relation is terminated with the end of the labour-law relationship or with the termination or interruption of studies at UP.

Users will have an automatically set response to incoming messages on their mailbox during the retention period.

User data are physically removed from the centrally managed information systems 9 months after the termination of the relation with UP. This concerns mainly user’s e-mail including its content, cloud and data storages etc. Please note that these data are deleted permanently, and they cannot be recovered from backups.

If the user renews the UP relationship within 9 months, their account will be activated and the data will be retained.

If the user requests an earlier removal of their user data after termination of the relationship with UP, they can do so in individual information systems or they can request an immediate removal of the account including all data via the UP HelpDesk. **)

The specific user authorization in each information system depends on the user role and on the settings of each information system.

*) In addition to the centrally operated information systems of UP, individual faculties or departments may operate their own information systems (especially web applications), which may or may not be connected to the central authentication service. The administration of these information systems is fully in the responsibility of their faculty or departmental administrators.

**) Please note that UP is obliged to maintain some user data even after termination of the relationship with UP and after removal of the remaining user data.